Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unique Monique

This book is so darling.  Monique is very creative in finding ways to be Unique.
Earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal
Earned the Reading Rainbow Feature Book

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No! That's wrong!

This one will make you all laugh! This is about a cute little rabbit, friends, peer pressure and a great message in believing in yourself!  I am giggling to myself just thinking about this book!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is a GREAT incentive from Usborne Books for becoming a consultant in February!

Business Kit
$129  (Plus$20 s/h + tax)
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30 Best Selling Titles plus business supplies

Mini Business Kit
$49  (Plus $15 s/h +tax)
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8 Best Selling Titles plus business supplies

Plus when you sell $1000 in Usborne Books your first 8 weeks, Usborne Books will refund the kit price ($129 or $49, whichever one you purchased!)

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* I will also have an incentive for you when you reach the $1000 in sales your first 8 weeks!

Conspiracy 365 Series- April

I'm just at the beginning of this book, and I'm panicking.  In my inventory I only have January through May!  I need to order the rest.  This has been such a fun read.

Conspiracy 365 Series- March

I am so amazed at how each book flows into the other.

Conspiracy 365 Series- February

This book flowed easly from January's book. I'm really enjoying this series.

Conspiracy 365 Series- Just getting started

This series is our #1 BEST SELLER with Usborne Books. To order you may go to my website .  If you would like to become a CONSULTANT,  Contact me! It is the most flexible, fun, and rewarding opportunity. We need consultants!

 I waited to read this series until all of the books ( January through December) came out, because I knew once I got started, it would be really hard to not want to finish them all at once. :)
I just finished January and WOW, love it.  What a fun read. I highly recommend this for any age 15 years and up!  I gave this book to my nephews ( in High School) and they really liked it!