Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is a GREAT incentive from Usborne Books for becoming a consultant in February!

Business Kit
$129  (Plus$20 s/h + tax)
(A value over $380!)
30 Best Selling Titles plus business supplies

Mini Business Kit
$49  (Plus $15 s/h +tax)
(A value over $150!)
8 Best Selling Titles plus business supplies

Plus when you sell $1000 in Usborne Books your first 8 weeks, Usborne Books will refund the kit price ($129 or $49, whichever one you purchased!)

I will be there to help you achieve this!  CALL me 801-915-6883 or email me or go to my website click on join now to Join today! 

* I will also have an incentive for you when you reach the $1000 in sales your first 8 weeks!

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